Guidelines & Forms
Vintage Square Estates
Construction, Addition, Alteration Guidelines

1.        Prior to the commencement of any construction, addition, improvements, or alteration work of any type of any
structure (including, but not limited to, any home, building, addition, boat dock, fences, dog kennel, dog run,
fountains, sheds, swing sets, jungle gyms, park equipment, docking systems, landscaping, lawn irrigation, retaining
walls, gazebos, lighting, or any other permanent or semi-permanent structures or improvements on any residential
property within Vintage Square Estates, the property site owners are required to apply and obtain the written
approval of the Vintage Square Homeowner’s Association (hereinafter “VSHA”) Architectural Committee before
commencement of construction. The applicant will submit written plans drawn to scale in person to the VSHA
Architectural Committee chairperson.

2.        Dues will be set by the VSHA.  They will be paid yearly.  They will be charged to the VSHA owners/members
and paid to the VSHA.

3.        The VSHA Architectural Committee shall review and approve and/or disapprove the plans presented, going
over plans with applicant landowner.  They shall recommend such conditions as are appropriate and necessary to
protect the objectives of these guidelines, that is: to enhance the long term development and maintenance, to
enhance the aesthetic value, to protect the safety and welfare, to minimize congestion of vehicular and pedestrian
travel, and to otherwise enhance the architectural plan and design of all structures and improvements within Vintage
Square Estates.

4.        The VSHA Architectural Committee shall give due consideration in its review of all plans to the following:

a.        The location, character and natural features of the property; architectural style and design of structures  
within Vintage Square Estates.
b.        Proposed construction materials, design, fencing, screening and landscaping.
c.        The integration of the structure or improvement with public utilities and services.

5.        The applicant’s plans shall be filed with the VSHA Architectural Committee, drawn to scale, and show the

a.        Floor plans showing overall dimensions and area of the structure of the house plans.
b.        Landscape plan and working drawings.

c.        Any information or documentation deemed to be necessary by the committee in evaluating the request.
d.        The plans will be returned to the owner when the building project is completed.

6.        Color.  The principal exterior color of structures will be naturally toned and not bright colors.  This includes
the color of trim, roofs, etc.

7.        One Year to Complete.  Once building construction on a structure or improvement has commenced, it is
expected that it will be completed within one year.  Failure to do so shall constitute a violation of the Declaration of
Protective and Restrictive Covenants affecting the structure and may require the VSHA to         take action:  
modification, completion or removal of the works at the owner’s expense.

8.        Square Footage.   The living area of every single family residence along the river         front shall not be less
than 1600 square feet, single family residence on back lots shall not be less than 1500 square feet, unless specific
approval has been given in writing from the VSHA.

9.        Setback.  No building or any part thereof, including garages and porches, shall be         erected on any lot
unless in conformance with the setback requirements, building code and permit requirements established by the
City of Fort Pierre, South Dakota.  There shall be minimum of a 50 foot riverbank setback:  see plat.

10.        Irrigation.  All seeded lawns or landscaped areas, planted vegetation and lawn         areas must have
underground sprinklers.

11.        Fences.  Fences will be accepted if approved by the VSHA.

12.        The minimum build level for the first floor of any house in Vintage Square         Estates is 1433msl (as
recommended by the City of Fort Pierre).  

13.        Approval shall be sought from the VHSA Architectural Committee before the         City or County are
approached for permit permissions to undertake work.  Failure to obtain approval shall constitute a violation of the
Declaration of Protective and Restrictive Covenants affecting the home/building and may require modification or
removal of unauthorized works at the owner’s expense.

14.        A building permit is required by the City of Fort Pierre prior to the commencement of any work.  The VSHA
Architectural Committee does not  assume any responsibility for failure to obtain such permits.  Obtaining such
permits does not waive the obligation of the property owner to obtain VSHA         Architectural Committee approval
prior to commencement of construction.  It is expected that plans and specifications for works of construction or
improvement will be prepared in accordance with applicable building codes and with sufficient         clarity and
completeness to allow the VSHA Architectural Committee to make         and informed decision about the request.

15.        Any variance from the recommendation of the VSHA Architectural Committee         and any variance from
these Guidelines contained herein shall require the prior written consent and approval of the VSHA Board.

16.        Any structure or improvement granted under these Guidelines shall be constructed         in conformity with
the terms and conditions of the plan submitted and any conditions required by the VSHA Architectural Committee, or
upon appeal, by  the VSHA Board.

17.        Effective Date.  These guidelines are effective on the _____ day of __________,         2006, and apply to
construction of any improvement or structure within the         VINTAGE SQUARE ESTATES which has not been
previously approved by the         VSHA by and through the VSHA Architectural Committee or the VSHA Board;         
any plans which have been submitted and are now pending review and approval         shall remain subject to the
Construction Guidelines in effect at the time the plans         were submitted to the VSHA Architectural Committee.